Pork Tenderloin

Pork Pork
AKA: Pork Tender, Pork Filet
Primal: Loin (US)
Cooking Methods: Oven Roast, Grill, Pan-Fry
Good For: Marinating, Dry-Rub, Dinner Steak, Burger, Diet/Lean
Fat Content: Low
Price: Expensive
Pork - Tenderloin

As its name suggests, Pork Tenderloin is taken from the Loin and is by far the tenderest of all Pork cuts. To add to its softness, this cut is lean and boneless, which accounts for the fact that it is the most valuable portion of Pork, both in terms of price as well as flavor. Tenderloin can be cooked whole or it can be cut up into medallions.

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