Never worry about using the wrong cut of meat in your dish, making the wrong choice at a restaurant or feeling uncertain at the butcher. Nose to Tail is the premier mobile reference for learning about cuts of meat and turns anyone into a meat maven!

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Explore animals with an interactive diagam of all the major primals. Discover where your meat really comes from and use the X-Ray feature to expose cuts you may not have seen before.


Cooking Suggestions

Looking for something to grill or deep-fry? Searching for the perfect addition to a salad or stock? Use categories to browse all cuts by how they are best cooked or prepared.

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Carefully researched information and facts are included for each cut. Read all about preparation tips, anatomy, historical information, fun facts as well as lists of common dishes.

Hand crafted

Hand drawn Cuts

Each cut has showcases a unique illustration. Exceptionally detailed, these make identifying and describing cuts a breeze.

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Share and Favourite

Bookmark your favourite cuts for quick access. Share your stories with friends on Facebook about a great meal or recipe that used a particular cut.

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No cut has been left out of this compendium. With over 200 cuts of meat from four animals (Cow, Chicken, Lamb and Pig), Nose to Tail covers everything from T-Bone to Testicles.


All the beef cuts are included in the app with additional animals available as single in-app purchase.