Eye of Round

AKA: Eye of Knuckle, Round Eye Roast
Primal: Hind Shank (US), Knuckle (UK)
Cooking Methods: Oven Roast, Braise
Good For: Carpaccio
Fat Content: Lean
Price: Budget

When uncut, the Eye of Round has a sort of cylindrical appearance. This is a very lean portion of meat, with little marbling and only one side of it covered in fat. The lack of fat, however, also makes this economical portion a hard cut.

In its roast form, Eye of Round is a fairly tender cut, which can prove to be quite tasty when cooked using the slow, moist cooking methods like stewing and braising. This cut is also a household favorite for roasting. When cut into steaks, this portion of meat loses a fair share of its tenderness since the layer of fat is removed. The cut can also be marinated for several hours and cooked using the dry-heat forms of cooking, including grilling and broiling. It can, however, dry out if overcooked.

This cut is extracted from the Beef Round primal portion of the Beef hind quarter. This is the rear-most part of a cow’s carcass and is usually tough due to heavy physical activity.

The word 'eye' in the name of this cut is used in the same sense as the term 'eye of the storm', referring to the central position this round cut has in the cow's hind area.

Since the layer of fat attached to Eye of Round can easily be removed, this cut is especially recommended for weight watchers.

Popular Dishes: Stew, Steak, Braised Meat, Roast

This information about Eye of Round was sourced from our meat cut app