Meat Cuts

Nose-to-tail eating is a culinary philosophy that advocates for the use of every part of an animal, from the nose to the tail, to minimize waste and maximize sustainability. This approach encourages the consumption of offal and less commonly used cuts, transforming them into flavorful and nutritious dishes. By honoring the whole animal, nose-to-tail eating not only promotes ethical and environmentally conscious practices but also revives traditional cooking techniques and recipes, fostering a deeper appreciation for the diversity of food sources and the culinary arts.

Beef showing primal cuts


Arm RoastArm SteakBack RibsBible TripeBlade Minute SteakBlade RoastBlade SteakBone-In blade steakBone-in Strip SteakBoneless Rolled Rump RoastBoneless ShinBottom-Round RoastBrainBrisket First CutButt FilletCheekChuckRibsCross-Rib RoastEye of RoundEye RoundFlank SteakFlat Iron SteakFlat TripeFlat-Bone Sirloin SteakGround BeefHanger Steak,  Rib SteakRolled BrisketRound SteakRound-Bone Sirloin SteakRump Centre SteakRump MedallionRump Minute SteakRump RoastRump SteakShin Bone-inShort RibsShoulder TenderSierra CutSirloin FlapSirloin RoastSirloin SteakSirloin Tip Center SteakSirloin Tip Side SteakSmall IntestinesSpleenStew BeefStir-fry StripsStrip RoastStrip SteakSweetbreadsT-BoneTenderloin SteakSteakUterusWedge-Bone Sirloin Steak, and many more

Lamb showing primal cuts


BackstrapBoneless Blade ChopBrainsButterfly SteakCubed LambDenver RibsEye of LoinFeetFiletFrenched CutletFrenched RackGround LambHeartKidneysKnuckleLamb DrumstickLamb ShankLeg of LambLeg SteakLiverLoin ChopLoin RoastLungsNeck ChopNeck RoastRib ChopRib RoastRolled Boneless BreastRolled Boneless LegRolled Boneless Shoulder RoastRumpShank-Half RoastShort Loin SaddleShoulder Arm ChopShoulder Blade ChopShoulder RackShoulder RoastSilversideSirloin ChopSirloin-Half RoastSpareribsSpleenSweetbreadsTenderloinTesticlesTongueTopsideTripeWhole Breast

Poark showing primal cuts