Rolled Brisket

Cow Cow
Primal: Brisket (US)
Cooking Methods: Braise
Good For: Corning, Budget
Fat Content: Moderate
Price: Budget
Cow - Rolled Brisket

Filled with flavor, Rolled Brisket is a Beef cut that is preferred by many due to its low price. The cut has a significant amount of fat, which adds to its richness and tenderness.

Roasting and braising are the popular cooking techniques employed in the preparation of Rolled Brisket. Much like the other Brisket cuts, Rolled Brisket needs to be slow-cooked to achieve optimal texture and flavor. For this reason, it is ideal to roast or cook it in the oven on low temperature for a few hours. With slow-cooking, the proteins in the connective tissues break down and ensure a softer portion of meat. Typically, the layer of meat is seasoned with a marinade comprising salt and dry spices. Next, the meat is rolled up and the roll is held together with the help of a string. When cooked for adequate amount of time, Rolled Brisket can prove to be one of the most flavorful and satisfying parts of beef.

The Rolled Brisket comes from the Brisket (breast) section and is cut from the rear portion of lean meat and fat closest to the plate layers. The breast and rib bones are removed.

The word ‘brjósk’ from Old Norsk, meaning cartilage, is said to be the basis of the Middle English term ‘brusket’, which is considered the origin of ‘brisket’. ‘Rolled’ Brisket refers to the rolling up technique used to cook this particular cut of meat.

Like other Brisket cuts, the rolled version is also a popular cut for making corned beef. It can then be further spiced and smoked to make pastrami.

Popular Dishes: Corned Beef, Roasts, Braised Meat, Pastrami

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