Top-Round Steak

AKA: Top Round London Broil, Butterball Steak
Primal: Round (US)
Cooking Methods: Grill, Braise
Good For: Dinner Steak
Fat Content: Low
Price: Moderate

Top Round Steak is a budget-friendly Beef cut with moderate tenderness. They are typically marketed in filets that are ½ - ¾ of an inch (1.5-2cm) thick. With extra traces of fat removed, this cut is lean and does not contain much marbling.

Slow, moist cooking methods like braising and stewing can help tenderize this cut into an exceptionally well-cooked entrée. It can also be marinated overnight and grilled, pan-fried or broiled the next day. In this way, it can yield some very flavorful dishes with a range of doneness levels. Due to the lack of fat and marbling within its fibers, this cut should not be overcooked as it has the tendency to turn tough. It can also be smoked, dried and made into jerky.

Top Round Steak is sliced from the inner muscle of the Round primal cut, which is the upper section of the hind leg.

Top round' refers to the upper part of the Round primal from where this cut is taken.

Top Round Steak can also be taken by slicing the Top Round Roast.

Popular Dishes: Jerky, Stew, Braised Meat, Pan-Fried Beef, London Broil

This information about Top-Round Steak was sourced from our meat cut app