Stir-fry Strips

Primal: Chuck (US), Fore Shank (US), Plate (US)
Cooking Methods: Stir-Fry
Fat Content: Moderate
Price: Budget

Stir-fry Strips are precut strips of Beef that are sold by meat retailers in packages. To increase the tenderness of this cut, it is cut across the grain.

Since their surface area is smaller than a steak, it does not take too much time for this meat to tenderize. Their small size also makes it easier for them to absorb the marinade. To cook the meat, oil should be heated in the wok and the meat should be fried while being constantly stirred. The meat should be fried till no side of the meat strips remains pink. Be mindful not to overcook the meat as it can quickly turn from just about right to rubbery.

Beef strips can be taken from any tender Beef cut. Typically used cuts include Sirloin, Rib-Eye, Tri-Tip, Top Loin, Shoulder Top Blade (Flatiron Steak), Tenderloin, Shoulder Petite Tender and Shoulder Center (Ranch Steak). Less tender cuts like Round Sirloin Tip Side, Flank, Round Sirloin Tip Center, Round Tip and Top Round can also be used to extract Beef strips.

Stir-fry Strips is the name given to the packed strips of meat that are sold separately for stir-frying by the retailers.

Many cooks prefer the less tender cuts of meat for Stir-Fry Strips because a cut with higher tenderness, such as tenderloin, can start breaking due to softening when cooked for too long.

Popular Dishes: Asian-Style Stir-Fry, Fajitas, Pan-Fried Beef Strips

This information about Stir-fry Strips was sourced from our meat cut app