Primal: Organs (US)
Cooking Methods: Braise, Stir-Fry, BBQ
Fat Content: Low
Price: Budget

Although Beef Uterus is a genuine offal cut, it lacks popularity among the consumers. This does not mean, however, that Uterus of other animals is also not consumed. In fact, uteri of chickens and pigs are used in many delicacies.

The Uterus of a cow is not a very flavorful portion and does not bring much to the table when cooked. Perhaps, that is the reason why it is not as famous as its pig or chicken counterparts, both of which are used in different dishes. Before cooking, the cow’s Uterus needs to be washed and cleaned well so as to ensure that they are contamination-free. Since the only thing a cow’s Uterus adds to the dish is its texture, it needs to be given additional flavor by adding some strongly flavored sauces and seasonings.

Part of the reproductive system of the cow, the Uterus can only be taken from female steers.

Uterus' is basically a Latin word, which means 'womb' or 'belly'.

Since a cow merely has a single calf, its Uterus size is much smaller than that of the pigs, since a pig has a litter. The difference in size is one factor that contributes to the higher consumption of pig Uterus than cow Uterus.

Popular Dishes:

This information about Uterus was sourced from our meat cut app