Honeycomb Tripe

Cow Cow
AKA: Reticulum, Pocket Tripe
Primal: Organs (US)
Cooking Methods: Braise
Fat Content: High
Price: Budget
Cow - Honeycomb Tripe

Honeycomb Tripe is the tenderest of all tripe varieties. It also contains more flesh than the other types of tripe and is generally regarded as the best among them all.

Before it can be cooked, Honeycomb Tripe needs to be cleaned properly. This is usually done by the meat retailers themselves, saving consumers the trouble to bleach this offal cut and then cleanse it. Commercially available tripe is also halfway cooked in order to help people save time in cooking this portion, which can take a long time to be ready. The most popular way of cooking tripe is the slow, moist method. This means that braising, stewing and broth preparation can help yield good tasting results when it comes to making tripe.

Honeycomb Tripe is taken from the reticulum of the animal. Its precise location is the second stomach chamber.

This tripe type gets its name due to the honeycomb-like hexagonal patterns on its surface.

In the post-war era, British people limited the usage of tripe to only pet food.

Popular Dishes: Khash, Pickled Tripe, Tripe Soup, Tripes à la mode de Caen (French)

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