Chuck Eye Steak

Cow Cow
AKA: Poor Man’s Rib Eye, Boneless Chuck Filet Steak, Boneless Steak Bottom Chuck
Primal: Chuck (US)
Cooking Methods: Grill, Pan-Fry
Fat Content: High
Price: Moderate
Cow - Chuck Eye Steak

The Chuck Eye Steak is yielded when the Chuck Eye Roast is cut into slices. It bears similarity to the Rib Eye Steak but is comparatively tougher and low on flavor. It is a cost effective substitute for the Rib Eye Steak in many dishes.

Much like the Chuck Eye Roast, the Chuck Eye Steak can produce good results if it is subjected to the slow, moist cooking techniques. These include braising and stewing. Since it is sliced thinner than the Chuck Eye Roast, it contains lesser connective tissue and can be used for grilling and broiling as well. If it is grilled or broiled, however, care should be taken that the meat does not overcook or else it will develop a dry, chewy texture. For best results, the steaks should be marinated a few hours prior to cooking in order to increase the cut’s succulence. It is best to limit its doneness to medium-rare.

This cut is produced as a result of slicing Chuck Eye Roast, which is located in the Chuck area and comprises the part covering the first five ribs, right above the Rib Eye area.

The use of the word ‘eye’ in Chuck Eye is a way to highlight the proximity of this portion to the Rib Eye cut.

A large-size Chuck only gives two Chuck Eye Steaks.

Popular Dishes: Stew, Pot Roast, Braised Meat, Grilled or Broiled Steaks

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