Shoulder Arm Picnic

AKA: Hand (UK), Pork Picnic Roast, Fresh Pork Picnic, Fresh Pork Picnic Ham
Primal: Shoulder (US)
Cooking Methods: Oven Roast, Braise, Simmer, BBQ
Good For: Pot Roast, Marinating, Casserole, Budget
Fat Content: Moderate
Price: Budget

Shoulder Arm Picnic is fattier than the Shoulder Blade, containing a good amount of intramuscular fat that makes it quite flavorful when cooked. This is a popular cut for roasting and often contains a round bone. This cut is relatively lower in price than other Pork cuts. Being a much exercised part of the pig's body, this portion contains connective tissues en masse, which is why it has a tough texture.

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