Pin-Bone Sirloin Steak

Cow Cow
AKA: Beef Loin Sirloin Steak
Primal: Sirloin (US)
Cooking Methods: Grill, Pan-Fry
Good For: Dinner Steak
Fat Content: Moderate
Price: Moderate
Cow - Pin-Bone Sirloin Steak

Pin-Bone Sirloin Steak is a cut of Beef that is marked by its wonderful texture and taste. It resembles the T-Bone Steak in its appearance and is taken from the same part of the animal’s body. It is comparatively reasonable in terms of price when compared to the much more expensive Tenderloin cuts. The thickness of this stick is typically around an inch.

With additional fat and excellent marbling, the Pin-Bone Sirloin Steak is a remarkable cut for making juicy steaks. This cut is well suited for dry-heat cooking techniques like grilling, broiling, pan-broiling, barbecuing and pan-frying. Much like the its T-Bone counterpart, this cut can be cooked to a variety of doneness levels and will be liked by everyone, whether they prefer their steak rare or well done. A good way to make this steak is to keep it simple by adding the basic seasonings and let it sear in its own juices.

This cut has a bone in the middle, which is shaped much like the one in T-Bone Steak and divides the same muscles of Tenderloin and Top Sirloin. It has another bone, which is a minor part of backbone and hipbone.

The cut's name comes from the oval shape of the smaller bone, which looks like a bowling pin.

The Pin-Bone Sirloin Steak is first of the four cuts that are taken from the Sirloin and is the tenderest of them all.

Popular Dishes: Grilled Steak, Pan-Fried Beef, Barbecue

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