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Marinades and the Science of Meat Tenderisation

Marinade Bowl

Tenderising a tough cut of meat is a challenge that can leave even the most skilled cooks in a quandary. But what if you could tenderise a tough meat portion and make it flavourful at the same time? This is where the right marinade can come to your rescue. Even though there are claims that dispute marinades’ widely accepted tenderising effects, it has been used to convert the chewiness of meat into finger-licking succulence since time immemorial. All it takes is the knowledge of which ingredients to use and the length of time for which a particular marinade should be rubbed on the meat.

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Low And Slow Or Hot And Fast?


So you bought three different cuts of meat on your last trip to the butcher’s. When you cooked them using the same method, each of them yielded different results – good, not so good and barely edible.

Whether you are a meat lover to the degree of keeping it in your freezer at all times or can go to the extent of making your wardrobe out of it (a la Lady Gaga), you would naturally want to cook every cut of meat to perfection. While this may not seem like an easy job at first, it would help to remember some important rules of thumb about cooking meat.

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