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How to Choose Supermarket Steaks

Supermarket Steaks

Can you actually taste a mouthful of succulent steak every time you pass by the meat section of your local supermarket? If you answered “Yes” to that, you may very well take the prize for being an ardent steak lover, except that your love for steak cannot be complete unless you are aware of what to look for in the packaged steaks available in the supermarket.

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Tenderstretch vs. Achilles Tendon: Which One Scores Higher?

Beef hanging methods

Who in their right mind would say no to a tender cut of meat? The mere thought of a juicy, succulent steak is enough to make anyone develop a craving for it. Are you aware, however, that the tenderness of meat goes much further than the cut of meat alone? While natural factors like the age and breed of a particular animal are beyond human control, the meat industry does utilise the hanging process to reduce toughness in the meat. Following the initial steps of slaughtering and dressing the animal, its carcase can be hung using two techniques in order to improve the tenderness quotient of its meat cuts. 

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Anatomy of a T-Bone

T Bone Anatomy

Universally recognized, the Beef T-Bone is considered one of the highest quality dinner table steaks.  Its distinctive ‘T’ shaped bone is nestled between two steaks each themselves prized cuts of beef.   This post explores the anatomy of the T-Bone to help you better understand and prepare this treasured cut.

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Low And Slow Or Hot And Fast?


So you bought three different cuts of meat on your last trip to the butcher’s. When you cooked them using the same method, each of them yielded different results – good, not so good and barely edible.

Whether you are a meat lover to the degree of keeping it in your freezer at all times or can go to the extent of making your wardrobe out of it (a la Lady Gaga), you would naturally want to cook every cut of meat to perfection. While this may not seem like an easy job at first, it would help to remember some important rules of thumb about cooking meat.

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