Beef Blade Minute Steak

Beef Beef
AKA: Top Blade Steak
Primal: Chuck (US)
Cooking Methods: Pan-Fry, Grill, BBQ
Good For: Breading
Fat Content: Moderate
Price: Budget
Beef - Blade Minute Steak

The Blade Minute Steak is one of the most economical Beef cuts. The cut is not exactly preferred by meat connoisseurs since it has a connective tissue running through its middle part, making it a tough cut to cook and tenderize. It is one of the two types of blade steaks; the other being the Under Blade Steak, which is even tougher.

When cooked on its own, this meat portion yields best results when it is braised as it helps minimize its toughness. It can also be utilized as a steak by slicing it thinly into flatiron steaks and removing the connective tissue. Once the connective muscle is removed, the cut becomes extremely tender and easy to chew. The cut is also recommended for making schnitzels by hammering it thin with a meat mallet and then coating it seasoning, beaten eggs, flour and bread crumbs before frying.

The Blade Minute Steak is extracted from the Chuck, a primal cut that spreads over the animal’s shoulder and is taken from the heifer or steer. It is the thinly sliced version of the Blade Roast and is cross-cut through the Top Blade subprimal, which is referred to as the Infraspinatus in the scientific terminology.

The Blade Minute Steak got its name from the kosher butchers, probably because once its connective tissue is removed, it can be cooked in a matter of minutes.

Commercially, retailers now prefer marketing the Top Blade Steaks in the form of Flatiron Steaks since they are better liked by the consumers due to their enhanced tenderness.

Popular Dishes: Schnitzel, Braised Meat, Broiled Beef, Grilled Steaks

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