Butt Fillet

Primal: Tenderloin (US)
Cooking Methods: Pan-Fry, Stir-Fry, Grill, BBQ
Good For: Dinner Steak, Carpaccio
Fat Content: Low
Price: Expensive

Butt Filet is a tender cut of Beef, which is taken from the Sirloin. This cut has relatively lower levels of fat and little marbling on it, due to which it is counted as a lean portion of meat.

The Butt portion of the Tenderloin is recommended for dishes like the Italian delicacy carpaccio, in which meat is served raw. It can also be cooked using the traditional grilling methods. Since it is close to being fat-free, it is essential to cook this cut by incorporating additional fat, which can be done by adding bacon. Not only does bacon add a nice crunchy flavor to the dish but can also keep this portion moist if strips of bacon are wrapped around the steak while cooking. This cut should be cooked on a high flame to ensure good taste and texture. Being a part of Tenderloin, it has good flavor, which can further be enhanced with the help of seasonings and sauces.

As its name reflects, Butt Filet is taken from the portion of the Tenderloin which is near the animal’s hind section.

History for the word ‘butt’ goes back to the 1400s when it was spelled as ‘butte’. This word is likely to have been taken from the Dutch word ‘bot’ and means ‘thick end’.

Carpaccio, a dish made with the Butt Filet, is named after Italian painter Vittore Carpaccio who was famous for the signature use of red and white tones in his paintings.

Popular Dishes: Steak Tartare, Carpaccio

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