Sirloin Steak

AKA: Bottom Sirloin
Primal: Sirloin (US), Striploin (UK)
Cooking Methods: Pan-Fry, Stir-Fry, Grill, BBQ
Good For: Dinner Steak
Fat Content: Moderate
Price: Moderate

The Sirloin cut can be divided into a number of steaks, but it is the steak cut from the Bottom Sirloin that is typically sold in the market as Sirloin Steak. This is a tough portion of meat and relatively less well-marbled. It is an economical cut compared to the Top Sirloin.

In order to cook this piece of Beef, it is better to marinate it for a few hours. This will help tenderize the meat and break down its connective tissues. To achieve maximum flavor and best results, the meat from this portion should not be cooked past medium-rare doneness. Sirloin Steak can be cooked using the traditional methods of preparing steaks, which include grilling, broiling, pan-frying and barbecuing. It can be marinated using a dry spice rub or any cooking sauce.

Steak cut from the from the rear portion of the animal in the sirloin primal, just past the short loin. Sirloin is actually divided into several types of steak but is typically marked for sale as "sirloin steak"

Sirloin has many names in other languages, such as 'solomillo' (Spanish), 'lendenstücke' (German) and 'lombata di manzo' (Italian).

At least 11 different types of steaks can be yielded from the Sirloin, including those from the Tri-Tip section and the premium quality Strip Loin Steak.

Popular Dishes: Barbecue, Grilled Steak

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