Back Ribs

AKA: Rib Bones, Texas Ribs, Barbecue Beef Ribs, Beef Spareribs, Dinosaur's Ribs
Primal: Rib (US)
Cooking Methods: Braise, Grill, BBQ
Good For: Marinating, Glazing
Fat Content: Moderate
Price: Moderate

Beef Back Ribs form a primal cut of Beef that are among the most in-demand portions of Beef commercially. Other famous cuts like Rib Eye Steak and Prime Rib are extracted from this portion. It is a relatively expensive cut of meat known for its marbling, rich meaty flavor and tenderness.

Beef Back Ribs are mainly preferred by barbecue lovers. Since they are already richly flavored, using a simple barbecue sauce can enhance their taste multifold. They can be grilled by using different cooking styles like the Texas and Chicago styles. This cut is also famous in Asian cuisines and can also be braised to yield some truly exceptional dishes. To ensure tenderness, experts suggest braising the meat before grilling it.

This cut comes from the part between the short loin and the shoulder of a cow. This area is spread between the sixth and twelfth ribs.

The name for Beef Back Ribs comes from their anatomy as they come from the backside of a cow’s ribcage.

The ribs are also referred to as Dinosaur's Ribs due to their large size.

Popular Dishes: Barbecued Ribs, Western-style Beef Back Ribs, Kalbi, Braised Short Ribs

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