Shin Bone-in

AKA: Ossobuco (Italian), Shank Crosscuts, Hough
Primal: Fore Shank (US), Shin (UK)
Cooking Methods: Braise, Simmer
Fat Content: Moderate
Price: Budget

The Bone-In Shin Cut comprises a big round bone running, containing rich marrow that can enrich the flavor of any dish if allowed to ooze out. Since the cut is taken from the heavily exercised shin area of the animal, it contains numerous connective tissues that affect its tenderness.

As is the case with any tough Beef cut, Bone-In Shin benefits greatly from slow-cooking method that involve cooking the meat portion in a liquid like cooking wines, beef stock or even water with seasonings. This is a great cut for those who do not mind rich gravy with Beef. When cooked using slow, moist cooking techniques like braising or stewing, the bone marrow can add an exquisite palatability to the dish. Due to the richness it brings to any dish it is a part of, it is preferable to make use of this cut during the winter months.

Shin Bone-In is a cut of Beef extracted from the lower section of the cow’s leg. These lateral portions of the shank are so cut that they leave the bone and bone marrow intact.

The other name for the cut ‘Ossobuco’ comes from Italian, literally meaning ‘bone with a hole’.

Ossobuco also refers to the name of a 19th century Milanese dish that is made by using the Shin Bone-In cut.

Popular Dishes: Ossobuco, Casserole, Stew, Braised Meat, Soup

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