Cubed Lamb

Lamb Lamb
AKA: Stew Meat, Kabob Meat
Primal: Shoulder (US), Leg (US)
Cooking Methods: Oven Roast, Braise, Simmer, Grill
Good For: Pot Roast, Marinating, Budget
Fat Content: Moderate
Price: Budget
Lamb - Cubed Lamb

Cubed Lamb refers to Lamb meat that has been cut into 1-1½ inch (2.5-4cm) cubes. It is moderately tender and works well when braised or stewed. It can be used as a part of hearty stews and serves well as a pot roast as well. This portion is typically available already cut up into cubes but can be even more economical if bought as a deboned roast and cubed at home.

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