Rib Eye Roast

Cow Cow
AKA: Scotch Filet Roast, Prime Rib, Delmonico Roast
Primal: Rib (US)
Cooking Methods: Oven Roast, Stir-Fry
Fat Content: High
Price: Expensive
Cow - Rib Eye Roast

Similar to other portions of the Beef rib section, the Rib Eye Cut is identified for its premium flavor, standard and texture. Its well-defined marbling makes it a moist and tender cut, one which is quite popular among the consumers and can be used to make a whole range of dishes. The tenderness of this cut comes from the fact that it belongs to a less-exercised part of the cow's body.

Since it is so well-marbled, the Rib Eye Roast Cut is highly recommended for dry-heat cooking methods like broiling, grilling and pan-frying. For this reason, it does not come as a surprise that this cut is extensively used in Chinese, Korean and Japanese dishes. This is also a great cut for steak lovers as it can be sliced into steaks and grilled to perfection. As a whole, however, it is best to slow-roast this portion.

The Rib Eye Roast comprises meat from the sixth to twelfth ribs, but with the bony part removed.

Delmonico, another name for this cut, was taken from Delmonico's Restaurant in New York City, which is accredited with popularizing this cut in the mid-19th century.

When buying the Rib Eye portion, consumers need to be specific about which portion of the Rib Eye they want. For instance, the ‘first cut’ of the Rib Eye would comprise meat from the first four ribs from the loin area.

Popular Dishes: Steak, Asian-Style Pan-Fried Beef, Poached Beef, Roast

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