Ranch Steak

Cow Cow
AKA: Shoulder Center Steak, Cut Steak
Primal: Chuck (US)
Cooking Methods: Grill, Pan-Fry, Braise
Fat Content: Low
Price: Moderate
Cow - Ranch Steak

The Ranch Steak Cut is taken from the boneless section of the Chuck Shoulder. In general, its thickness is kept around an inch, with its average being around 10 oz (280g). The fat is removed from this cut, making it a much leaner portion than other Beef cuts.

Ranch Steak is can be used to produce a scrumptious menu as it is full of rich beefy flavor. Its only downside is its toughness, which can be taken care of through slow-cooking methods like braising or stewing. It can also give amazing results if marinated before grilling, broiling or stir-frying in the pan. For optimized taste, experts recommend that the steak should not be cooked past the medium level of doneness when it is cooked in dry heat.

The steak is a center cut portion, which is taken from the boneless part of the animal’s Shoulder or Chuck.

The steak came to be known as ‘Ranch’ because meat retailers wanted a simpler name for this cut to make easier for the consumers to remember.

Although not as flavorful or tender, the cut can prove to be an economical substitute for the more expensive steak portions such as the Rib Eye and Sirloin.

Popular Dishes: Grilled Steak, Broiled Steak, Pan-Fried Steak, Braised Meat, Stew

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