Small Intestines

AKA: Tripas
Primal: Organs (US)
Cooking Methods: Oven Roast, Braise
Good For: Budget
Fat Content: High
Price: Budget

Small Intestines of Beef are mild in taste and are softer than Lower Intestines. They are not very popular in Western cuisines but are quite popular in Asian cooking, serving as delicacies in many Korean and Chinese restaurants. They are also used in Mexican dishes.

Much like their large counterparts, Small Intestines need to be washed thoroughly and then boiled for at least 15 minutes to cleanse it off any disease causing bacteria. This can be a tough offal cut and can be hard to chew if not cooked properly. For this reason, it is usually braised to soften it up. In the Asian cuisine, however, this portion is cut into small pieces and stir-fried on high heat. Small Intestines are marked by the presence of a fat muscle in their middle, which makes them soft and moist.

Small Intestines are the longer intestines of the animal's digestive system. They are taken from the Beef gut.

These intestines are called 'small' due to their small diameter compared to the large intestines.

Since Beef intestines are high in collagen, they are popular among Korean girls for improving their skins.

Popular Dishes: Small Intestine Tacos, Gop-Chang (Korean)

This information about Small Intestines was sourced from our meat cut app