Lower Intestines

AKA: Large Intestine
Primal: Organs (US)
Cooking Methods: Grill, Pan-Fry
Fat Content: High
Price: Budget

Lower Intestines are an offal cut of Beef and may not be preferred by everyone due to cultural or personal preference. They can turn out to be quite flavorful if cooked correctly. Before being cooked, however, it is imperative to clean them thoroughly in order to avoid any chance of food contamination.

The main challenge in cooking intestines is ensuring that they are clean and fit for consumption as often times, they can contain harmful bacteria. Beef intestines can be a little tough to clean because they are thicker than their goat counterparts. Moreover, the length of intestines can also make the task difficult. Many people simply clean the intestines by washing them with cold water. Others prefer a deeper cleaning regimen involving lime juice and cutting up the intestines in smaller piece. Once cleaned, the intestine pieces can be used to make a flavorful stock. It can also be boiled first to tenderize the portion and then sautéed in oil. The Lower Intestines are used in a number of cuisines globally.

Lower Intestines are located in the colon. As compared to the small intestine, they are shorter but have a bigger diameter.

The literal meaning of 'intestines' is 'bowels'. The word's origin is from the Latin 'intestina', which means 'internal, inward or intestine'.

The combined lengths of its small and large intestines are almost 20 times the length of an average steer.

Popular Dishes: Sausage Casing, Sai Mu Thot (Thai), Kuaichap Soup (Thai-Chinese)

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