Country-style Chuck Ribs

AKA: Boneless Chuck Ribs, Bistro Braising Strips, Western-style Barbecue Ribs
Primal: Chuck (US)
Cooking Methods: Braise
Good For: Marinating, Glazing
Fat Content: Moderate
Price: Moderate

The Country-style Chuck Ribs are known for their rich beefy flavor and succulence. This cut is filled with connective tissues and is meatier than the Short Ribs.

The connective tissue on meat is basically composed of collagen, which can become tough if not cooked properly. For this reason, it is recommended that the Country-style Chuck Ribs be cooked using the slow, moist methods. When slow cooked for a long time, the collagen takes a gelatinous texture and becomes even more delicious to eat. Being a part of the Chuck, this cut is tougher than the other Beef cuts, which is why cooking methods like braising and stewing work exceptionally well with it.

The Country-style Chuck Ribs are obtained by deboning and slicing up the Chuck Shoulder Pot Roast.

The Country-style Chuck Ribs came to be recognized as a legitimate meat cut in the 1960s when a butcher named Cliff Bowes came up with a novel method to sell a pork loin’s rib end. He cut the fat-filled meat in the form of strips that bore similarity to ribs. This is the same cut that was introduced for Beef as well.

Although known as 'ribs', the Country-style Chuck Ribs are basically strips of meat that are sliced to look like ribs.

Popular Dishes: Braised Meat, Stew

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